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Author: Matt Gibbs & Philip F. Venticinque

CAPInv. 1396: koinon ton artymatopolon


i. Geographical area Egypt
ii. Nome Oxyrhynchites (U19)
iii. Site Oxyrhynchus


i. Full name (original language) κοινὸν τῶν ἀρτυματοπωλῶν (P.Oxy. LIV 3739, ll. 7-8)
ii. Full name (transliterated) koinon ton artymatopolon


i. Date(s) 312 - 326 AD


ii. Name elements
iii. Descriptive terms κοινόν, koinon
Note koinon: P.Oxy. LIV 3739, l. 7


i. Source(s) P.Oxy. LIV 3739 (27 Sep. AD 312)
P.Oxy. LIV 3761 (AD 326?)
Note The identification of artymatopolai in LIV 3761 is not entirely definitive: the lacunose nature of the text means that the association is not identified by name. According to the editor of the text, the association here is identified as the artymatopolai by comparison with the sequence of P.Oxy. LIV 3738-40 where the items declared by the artymatopolai (P.Oxy. LIV 3739) are lost but total the same number in 3761, preceded by the declaration made by the elaiourgoi (P.Oxy. LIV 3738: CAPInv. 1395 ), and then followed by the kapeloi (P.Oxy. LIV 3740: CAPInv. 1397).
Online Resources P.Oxy. LIV 3739 = TM 15243
P.Oxy. LIV 3761 = TM 15270
i.a. Source type(s) Papyrological source(s)
i.b. Document(s) typology & language/script Price declaration in Greek
i.c. Physical format(s) 3739: papyrus document containing four price declarations (P.Oxy. LIV 3737-3740); written on other side is P.Oxy. LIV 3758, a report of proceedings before a logistes, dating to 325.

3761: part of a roll measuring 33x24.5 cm that contains parts of five declarations, of which four are published as P.Oxy. LIV 3760-3763; editor claims first one is too fragmentary and the association of 3763 is unclear. The text is not a tomos synkollesimos.


ii. Leadership 3739: the title of the official submitting the declaration, if it had been mentioned and if he was an officer, at lines 8-9 is lost or had not been recorded. See, however, l.25: given the similarities in these Oxyrhynchite declarations, it seems entirely possible that Aurelius Euangelos was the meniarches.

3761: the title of the official submitting the declaration, if it had been mentioned and if he was an officer, has not been recorded at line 15 along with his name: Aurelius Herakles, through whom the declaration is submitted.


vi. Proper names and physical features 3739: Aurelius Euangelos

3761: Aurelius Herakles


i. Local interaction Official interaction; association acting on behalf of the group representing them before the authorities.


iii. Bibliography Bagnall, R. S. (2000) 'Governmental roles in the economy of late antiquity', in E. Lo Cascio and D. Rathbone (eds.) Production and Public Powers in Classical Antiquity. Cambridge: 86-91 (esp. 89-90)
Coles, R. Appendix II, P. Oxy. LIV: 230-232


i. Private association Certain
Note The associative terminology and the apparently necessary declaration suggests that this was an association; private here because, in spite of the nature of the declaration itself, there is nothing here to suggest that this group was other than voluntary (although state compulsion may be something else entirely).