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Last Updated on 22 May 2019

Author: Nikolaos Giannakopoulos

CAPInv. 752: U-WAM-013


i. Geographical area Western Asia Minor
ii. Region Bithynia
iii. Site Prusa ad Olympum


i. Association with unknown name U-WAM-013


i. Date(s) ii AD


i. Source(s) I.Prusa 161 (ii AD)
Note See also Robert 1971: 135 no. 185
Online Resources I.Prusa 161
i.a. Source type(s) Epigraphic source(s)
i.b. Document(s) typology & language/script Funerary inscription in Greek for the synkyneges Sekondos.
i.c. Physical format(s) Limestone stele with relief depicting a man seated on a couch, offering a ring or a small wreath to a woman seated on an armchair. Below the relief is a winegrower measure.
ii. Source(s) provenance The inscription was found at Boursa.


ii. Realty It is possible that a group of hunters owned a burial plot, but there is absolutely no positive evidence for this.


iv. Honours/Other activities As the formula Σεκόνδῳ τῷ συνκυνηγῇ μνήμης χάρην (Sekondoi toi synkenegei mnemes charen) implies that a group of fellow kynegoi erected a funerary inscription and possibly attended to the burial of their companion Sekondos.


i. Comments The date is based on the shape of the letters.
The term kynegos denotes either a hunter or a venator, i.e. a beast fighter (bestiarius). On such associations see Liebenam 1890: 123; Robert 1971: 321; Wiedemann 1992: 117-8 (venatores and bestiarii); Ziebarth 1896: 117; Poland 1909: 105-6 and Robert 1971: 322 (hunters). Robert (1971: 135 nr. 185 and 322) considered highly possible that Sekondos was not a venator but belonged to an association of amateur hunters; Corsten (I.Prusa 161) has pointed out that our inscription does not permit a safe conclusion, but the iconography of the stele, depicting a family-scene and a winegrower measure suggests that the deceased was a farmer as well as an active hunter.
The cost of Sekondos’ funeral and tomb may have been covered either from funds coming from a common treasury of the group (if this was an organized association) or by individual ad hoc contributions.
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i. Private association Possible
Note Sekondos was clearly a member of a group of kynegoi but whether this group constituted an organized private association cannot be proven.