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Author: Alexandru Avram

CAPInv. 1301: he thiasos peri <hie>rea X


i. Geographical area Black Sea Region
ii. Region North coast of the Black Sea
iii. Site Phanagoria


i. Full name (original language) ἡ θίασος περὶ <ἱε>ρέα τὸν δεῖνα (CIRB 1016)
ii. Full name (transliterated) he thiasos peri <hie>rea X


i. Date(s) i - iii AD


ii. Name elements
Personal:peri hierea X
iii. Descriptive terms θίασος, thiasos
Note thiasos: CIRB 1016


i. Source(s) CIRB 987 (i AD).
CIRB 988 (iii AD).
CIRB 1016 (iii AD).
SEG 57, 739A (i AD).
SEG 57, 739B (l. ii - iii AD).
SEG 57, 740 (i AD).
Note Other publications:
CIRB 987: IOSPE II 365; GGSR 625
Online Resources CIRB 987 and AGRW ID 7732
CIRB 988
CIRB 1016 and AGRW ID 7738
AGRW ID 22889 (SEG 57: 740)

i.a. Source type(s) Epigraphic source(s)
i.b. Document(s) typology & language/script Greek tombstones put up by the θίασος, thiasos for some of its members.
i.c. Physical format(s) CIRB 987: anepigraphic limestone stele with relief depicting a horseman and, behind him, another rider. The stele has been re-used (possibly ii AD) for supporting a new relief (poor remains) and the funerary inscription on the back.
CIRB 988: upper part of a limestone stele.
CIRB 1016: limestone stele.
SEG 57, 739: limestone stele broken at the upper right corner with a building inscription on the front (A: i AD) and the epitaph of the association on the back (B: l. ii - iii AD).
SEG 57, 740: limestone stele broken at the bottom with relief representing a rider.
ii. Source(s) provenance Phanagoria (CIRB 987 and 988).
Phanagoria, eastern necropolis, through excavations (SEG 57: 739-740).
Akhtanizovskaja (modern toponym), neighbourhood of Phanagoria (CIRB 1016).


ii. Leadership One ἱερεύς, hiereus (Agathous in CIRB 987, ll. 2-3; Zop<y>ros in CIRB 988, ll. 2-3; Menestratos Ardarakou in CIRB 1016, ll. 1-3; Da[das? Ka]llionos in SEG 57: 739B, ll. 2-3; Nomenios in SEG 57: 740).
iii. Members Mentioned as (οἱ) θιασεῖται, l. θιασῖται, (hoi) thiasitai (CIRB 987, l. 1; 988, ll. 4-5; SEG 57: 739B, ll. 16-17) or λοιποὶ θιασε<ῖ>ται, loipoi thiase<i>tai (SEG 57: 739B, ll. 12-13).
Seven deceased members are known by their name (CIRB 987, ll. 3-5 [four persons]; 1016, ll. 7-8; SEG 57: 739, ll. 15-17; 57, 740).
iv. Officials One ἱερομάστωρ, hieromastor (CIRB 988, ll. 3-4; 1016, ll. 4-5; SEG 57: 739B, ll. 4-6). This office is attested only on the Taman peninsula (these three occurrences and CIRB 1054 from Hermonassa, CAPInv. 1304).
One φιλάγαθος, philagathos (CIRB 1016, ll. 6-7; SEG 57: 739B, ll. 6-9).
One γραμματεύς, grammateus (SEG 57: 739B, ll. 9-12).
ix. Privileges The associations set up tombstones for its members. Funerary expenses by the association may be one of the members' privileges.


ii. Gender Men
Note The preserved names are male names.
iii. Age Adults


i. Assemblies Called σύνοδοι, synodoi (CIRB 988, l. 1; SEG 57: 739B, l. 1, through restoration). For σύνοδος, synodos designating the assembly of a θίασος, thiasos see Gauthier in BE 2001: no. 312 and Chaniotis in SEG 47: 1199 and 49: 1053.
iv. Honours/Other activities The associations set up tombstones for its members.


i. Comments Phanagoria being a well known center of the cult of Aphrodite Οὐρανία, Ourania, it is higly probable that this thiasos worshipped the same deity. The feminine article ἡ strangely used twice (CIRB 1016, l. 1; SEG 57: 740, l. 1) for the substantive θίασος, thiasos, could support the idea of a feminine deity.
ii. Poland concordance Poland B 119 (CIRB 987)
iii. Bibliography Gabelko, O.L., Zavojkina, N.V., and Shavyrina, T.G. (2006): ‘Stela Omsalaka [The Stele of Ompsalakos]’, Antichnyj mir i arkheologija 12: 334-44 (SEG 57, 740).
Jajlenko, V.P. (2002): ‘Opistograf iz Fanagorii so stroitel'noj nadpis'ju i epitafiej fiasota [Opistograph Stele from Phanagoria with Building Inscription and Epitaph of a Thiasotes]’, Problemy istorii, filologii, kul'tury 12: 229-38. (SEG 57, 739).
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i. Private association Certain
Note The terminology points to a private association.