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Last Updated on 24 May 2019

Author: Georgia Malouchou

CAPInv. 1587: hoi cheirotechnai


i. Geographical area Aegean Islands
ii. Region Chios
iii. Site Chios town


i. Full name (original language) οἱ χειροτέχναι (Robert 1929: 36 C l. 1)
ii. Full name (transliterated) hoi cheirotechnai


i. Date(s) i BC


ii. Name elements


i. Source(s) Robert 1929: 36 C (i BC)
Online Resources Chios 193
i.a. Source type(s) Epigraphic source(s)
i.b. Document(s) typology & language/script Honorary inscription
i.c. Physical format(s) Base of local grey limestone, broken on the left and right sides. Two inscriptions were inscribed on the front side; it is not certain if they were inscribed by the same cutter or at the same time.
ii. Source(s) provenance Found in Chios town in the foundations of the church of St. Nicolaos in Aplotaria (Zolota-Sarou 1909: 350). Now in the Archaeological Museum of Chios.
Zolota-Sarou, the first editor of the text, argued that the inscription was probably from Erythrae, but her argument is weak (cf. Haussoullier 1910: 121-2, and Hatzfeld 1919: 96).


iv. Honours/Other activities The cheirotechnai (the handicraftsmen) and another professional group whose name is not preserved (see CAP Inv. 1588) jointly honour the magistrates [to]n kata ten agoran, namely the archon and his two colleagues for their good and just service.


i. Local interaction See Honours/other activities


i. Comments G. Dunst (1958: 185) suggested to restore in the third line of the text [Νει]λέα ), and to identify him with the nauarch Neileus, who is attested in a similar inscription of Chian origin, see IG XII. 8 16 l. 4, but this prosopographical identification is tentative, cf. CAPInv. 1590 (Comments).
The magistrates called οἱ τῶν κατὰ τὴν ἀγοράν (ἄρχοντες) probably had a similar function as the agoranomoi; cf. Harpokration, Lexicon in decem oratores Atticos [ed. Dindorf], s.v. ἀγορανόμοι.
In the second inscription of the same stone (Zolota-Sarou 1909: 350-2 no. 3, ll. 6-10. McCabe 1986: 191), a group honours officials (the name of the office is not preserved). One cannot say if the group was a professional one. One of the honorands is the well known benefactor of Chios of the i c. BC. Leukios Nassios (for L. Nassios see Sarikakes 1989: 338 N no. 7).
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i. Private association Certain
Note The professional terminology of the association of handicraftsmen and their activity towards the magistrates ensures the private character of the association.