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Author: Jan-Mathieu Carbon

CAPInv. 1651: Sebaste plateia


i. Geographical area Western Asia Minor
ii. Region Lycia
iii. Site Soura (Sura)


i. Full name (original language) Σεβαστὴ πλατεία (Petersen-Luschan, Reisen II no. 83, ll. 6-7; Petersen-Luschan, Reisen II no.84, l. 6; Heberdey-Kalinka, Bericht no. 48 l. 10; Heberdey-Kalinka, Bericht no. 49 ll. 9-10; Heberdey-Kalinka, Bericht no. 50 ll. 4-5)
ii. Full name (transliterated) Sebaste plateia


i. Date(s) 200 - 300 AD


i. Name in other forms The name is abbreviated: σ(εβαστῆς) π(λατείας) in Heberdey-Kalinka, Bericht no. 49 l. 7
ii. Name elements
Cultic:Σεβαστὴ, Sebaste
This term indicates the august or "Augustal" character of the association, namely that it had some connection with the cult of the living Roman emperor (such as the celebration of rites in his honour).
iii. Descriptive terms πλατεία, plateia
The term "neighbourhood" refers to a street association.
Note For sources, see V.i.


i. Source(s) Text 1:
Petersen-Luschan, Reisen II 45, no. 83 (237 AD)

Text 2:
Petersen-Luschan, Reisen II 46, no. 84 (3rd c. AD)

Text 3:
Heberdey-Kalinka, Bericht, 15, no. 48 (3rd c. AD)

Text 4:
Heberdey-Kalinka, Bericht 15, no. 49 (3rd c. AD)

Text 5:
Heberdey-Kalinka, Bericht 15, no. 50 (3rd c. AD)
Online Resources Text 1:
PHI: Petersen-Luschan, Reisen II 45,83
Harland, AGRW no. 11637

2: PHI: Petersen-Luschan, Reisen II 46,84
Harland, AGRW no. 11677

PHI: Heberdey-Kalinka, Bericht 15,48
Harland, AGRW no. 11685

PHI: Heberdey-Kalinka, Bericht 15,49
Harland, AGRW no. 11694

PHI: Heberdey-Kalinka, Bericht 15,50
Harland, AGRW no. 11703
i.a. Source type(s) Epigraphic source(s)
i.b. Document(s) typology & language/script Dedications to Apollo Sourios.
i.c. Physical format(s) Large marble slabs.
ii. Source(s) provenance Kocademre (Soura/Sura near Myra).


ii. References to buildings/objects The objects or structures consecrated to Apollo Sourios remain unclear in all of the texts.


iv. Officials γραμματεύς, grammateus. The secretary of the association was apparently appointed on an annual base (all attested names of the secretaries in the five inscriptions are different). This official appears on all five texts.
προστάται, prostatai. These officials were also appointed on an annual basis. They appear on all five texts.
v. Other staff ἱεροκηρυκεύω, hierokerukeuo
All five texts mention a ἱεροκήρυξ, hierokeryx. Texts 1-2 and 5 mention the same man, Marcius Xanthos; the other two texts mention different individuals. It is unclear if this office is to be related to the association, or perhaps better, to a dating formula following a prominent office, such as that of the Lycian ethnos, cp. TAM II 366 (Xanthos).


i. Number Text 1:
grammateus: the grammateus bears a Roman name
26 prostatai; three of the prostate bear Roman names while the name of one prostates is not followed by the father's name

Text 2:
21 prostatai of which two were possibly freemen

Text 3:
grammateus: the grammateus bears a Roman name
23 prostatai: two of the prostatai bear Roman names, and one was probably a freedman

Text 4:
grammateus: 1 Roman name
20 prostatai

Text 5:
grammateus: 1 not Roman
20 prostatai
ii. Gender Men
Note All of the members mentioned in texts 1-5 are male, with one exception, a female grammateus in Heberdey-Kalinka, Bericht 15 no. 48 ll. 6-7
iv. Status Freedmen
probable Roman citizens.


iii. Worship All of the five texts are consecrations made to Apollo Sourios (of Soura/Sura).
Deities worshipped Apollo Sourios.
Emperor/Sebastos (likely), see above IV.ii.


i. Local interaction ἱερομένος διὰ βίου, hieromenos dia biou
Along with the civic or provincial archiereus, this title is invoked in the dating formulae of all the text. It is clear that the priesthood was that of Apollo Sourios: the office-holder Ἀντίγονος δὶς (β᾽) ὁ καὶ Λυσίμαχος Μυρεύς mentioned in Text 2 is the same man honoured by Soura in Petersen-Luschan, Reisen II 45, no. 82 (the priesthood was nominally "for life", but actually the office-holder is different in all 5 texts, thus the title was likely an honorific one).


iii. Bibliography Heberdey, R. and E. Kalinka (1897), Bericht über zwei Reisen im südwestlichen Kleinasien, ausgeführt im Auftrage der Kaiserlichen Akademie der Wissenschaften, 'Kaiserliche [Österreichische] Akademie der Wissenschaften, Philosophisch-historische Klasse, Denkschriften' [DAW] vol. 45,1, Vienna.
Petersen, E.A.H. and F. von Luschan (1889), Reisen im südwestlichen Kleinasien. Vol. II, Reisen in Lykien, Milyas und Kibyratis, Vienna.


i. Private association Certain
Note Taken together, the material strongly suggests a well-organised street association with various annual officials.