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Author: Stella Skaltsa

CAPInv. 173: t]o koino[n ton peri ton Dionyson techniton ton ex Isthmou k]ai Nemeas kai P̣[ierias]


i. Geographical area Aegean Islands
ii. Region Delos
iii. Site Delos


i. Full name (original language) τ]ὸ κοινὸ[ν τῶν περὶ τὸν Διόνυσον τεχνιτῶν τῶν ἐξ Ἰσθμοῦ κ]αὶ Νεμέας καὶ Π̣[ιερίας] (IG XI.4 1059 + SEG 28: 667)
ii. Full name (transliterated) t]o koino[n ton peri ton Dionyson techniton ton ex Isthmou k]ai Nemeas kai P̣[ierias]


i. Date(s) 300 (?) - 250 (?) BC


i. Name in other forms π]ερὶ τὸν Διόνυσον τεχνιτ[, p]eri ton Dionyson technit[ (IG XI.4 1060, l. 5)
ii. Name elements
Cultic:peri ton Dionyson: Dionysos was the patron god of drama
Geographical:ex Isthmou kai Nemeas kai Pierias: the Isthmian-Nemean branch based on the Greek mainland, in the Peloponnese and in Macedonia
Professional:technitai: artists, including actors, musicians, poets and those involved in various ways with dramatic performance


i. Source(s) IG XI.4 1059 + SEG 28: 667 (ca. 300-250 ? BC)
Note For the restoration in line 2: Π̣[ιερίας] see BE 1978: 232 (SEG 28: 667).

See also:
Aneziri 2003: B2
Le Guen 2001: TE 18 (Le Guen [2001: 133] dates the inscription to the late iii BC).
Online Resources IG XI.4 1059
i.a. Source type(s) Epigraphic source(s)
i.b. Document(s) typology & language/script Fragmentary decree in Greek of the Dionysiac technitai of the Isthmian-Nemean branch. Although the inscription is badly preserved, the issuing body seems to be the Dionysiac technitai of the branch of Isthmos, Nemea and Pieria. Note that the term Isthmos is fully restored while only 'P' can be read from Pieria and this with some hesitation.
i.c. Physical format(s) Two fragments of a badly preserved stele.
Fragment a: H. 32 x W. 21 x Th. 13 cm.
Fragment b: H. 65 x W. 65 cm.
ii. Source(s) provenance Found in 1904 in the area west of the sanctuary of Apollo on Delos.


ii. Meetings and events The name of this branch of technitai evokes their involvement in the organization of festivals held in Isthmos, Nemea and Pieria.


ii. Interaction abroad This decree provides secure evidence for the presence of the Isthmian-Nemean branch on Delos.
CAPI no. 174 may also belong to the Isthmian-Nemean branch.


iii. Bibliography Aneziri, S. (2003), Die Vereine der dionysischen Techniten im Kontext der hellenistischen Gesellschaft: Untersuchungen zur Geschichte, Organisation und Wirkung der hellenistischen Technitenvereine. Stuttgart.
Le Guen, B. (2001), Les associations de technites dionysiaques à l’époque hellénistique. Paris.


i. Private association Certain
Note The Dionysiac technitai present all features of a private association. The internal organization of the Dionysiac technitai has been meticulously established in modern scholarship.