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Last Updated on 13 Jun 2019

Author: Stella Skaltsa

CAPInv. 249: Panathenaistai strateuomenoi hoi pleontes en triemiolia, ha onoma Polias


i. Geographical area Aegean Islands
ii. Region Nisyros
iii. Site Acropolis of Nisyros (ancient town)


i. Full name (original language) Παναθηναϊσταὶ στρατευόμενοι οἱ πλέοντες ἐν τριημιολία, ᾇ ὄνομα Πολιάς (AEphem 1913: 9 no. 9, ll. 8-10)
ii. Full name (transliterated) Panathenaistai strateuomenoi hoi pleontes en triemiolia, ha onoma Polias


i. Date(s) i BC - i AD


ii. Name elements
Cultic:Panathenaistai: see CAP Inv. 1064 for the name, probably alluding to the Panathenaia held in Kameiros on Rhodes.
Other:strateuomenoi: people currently performing military service
hoi pleontes en triemiolia hai onoma Polias: crews currently performing naval service on a warship (triemiolia)


i. Source(s) AEph 1913: 9 no. 9 (i BC / i AD)
i.a. Source type(s) Epigraphic source(s)
i.b. Document(s) typology & language/script Honorary inscription in Greek for Euthraptidas son of Seimias by his brother Onasiphon son of Simias by adoption.
i.c. Physical format(s) Statue base of white marble. H. 65 x W. 66 x Th. 65.5 cm. Four iron dowels in the corners of the top surface so that a plinth would be fastened on top.
ii. Source(s) provenance From a field (property of Mr I. Pharsoularidou) on the south side of the acropolis.


ii. Gender Men
Note The members of this association manned a warship (triemiolia) and thus they should be men.
iii. Age Adults
Note It is reasonable to assume that the crew of the warship consisted of adults.


iv. Honours/Other activities The association honoured with a gold crown Euthraptidas son of Seimias (ll. 3-5, 8-10), who manned the aphraktois (l. 3). Euthraptidas was also honoured by a sub-group of the Panathenaistai, who manned a triemolia called Euandria (see CAP Inv. 248 )


i. Comments The Panathenaistai strateuomenoi hoi pleontes en triemiolia, ai onoma Polias was perhaps a sub-branch of the Panatheanistai strateuomenoi koinon (Gabrielsen 1997:124) (Clara Rhodos 2 [1939]: 190 no. 19; IG XII.1 107; Lindos II no. 300; Lindos II no. 391; Maiuri, NSER no. 18).
iii. Bibliography Chaviaras, M. (1913), 'Νισύρου επιγραφαί', AEph: 6-16.
Gabrielsen, V. (1997), The naval aristocracy of Hellenistic Rhodes. Aarhus


i. Private association Possible
Note Members of the Panathenaistai, currently performing their military service, on a military vessel, honoured a fellow-soldier. Although these soldiers were members of the Panathenaistai the name as it stands (present participles) would rather suggest an ad hoc group, or a group whose durability and longevity are quite doubtful.