The project was generously funded by the Carlsberg Foundation (2011-2016).

We should like to express our warmest thanks to the team of international collaborators, who have worked extensively to the Inventory: Claudia Antonetti & Damiana Baldassarra (for Aetolia, Acarnania, and the Ionian Islands), Ilias Arnaoutoglou (for Attica with Salamis), Alexandru Avram (for costal Black Sea), Aitor Blanco Perez (for Pisidia), Loredana Cappelletti & Jessica Piccinini (for continental southern Italy), Fran├žois Chevrollier (for Libya with Cyrenaica), Takashi Fujii (for Cyprus), Francesco Guizzi (for Crete), Benedikt Eckhardt (for Phrygia, southern Ionia, Palaestina, Phoenicia, Syria, and Arabia), Nikolaos Giannakopoulos (for Bythinia & Pontus), Cassandre Hartenstein (for Egypt, sources in Demotic Egyptian), Maria Paz de Hoz (for Lydia), Sofia Kravaritou (for Thessaly), Ursula Kunnert (for Cappadocia & Cilicia), Georgia Malouchou (for Chios), Fabienne Marchand (for Boeotia), Alessia di Martino (for Sicily), Maria-Gabriella Parissaki (for Thrace), Paschalis Paschidis (for Epirus & Macedonia), Jonathan Prag (for Syracuse), Thom Russell (for Byzantium), Matt Gibbs & Philip F. Venticinque (for Egypt, Roman period), Andreas Victor Walser (for Galatia, Lycaonia, and southern Ionia), Georgios Zachos (for Locris & Phocis), Sophia Zoumbaki (for the Peloponnese).

We also wish to thank Bram Fauconnier for his assistance with athletic associations.

The database and its interface to the website were developed and designed by Kang Li and by Giacomo Neri, under supervision by Mario C. D. Paganini.