The Inventory of Ancient Associations presented on this website is the outcome of the efforts of the Copenhagen Associations Project (CAP) and its international team of collaborators (see Acknowledgements).

The Project was established at the University of Copenhagen in 2011 by the initiative of Professor Vincent Gabrielsen with the generous support of the Carlsberg Foundation. The Project ran for five years (2011–2016).

Copenhagen Associations Project Staff
Vincent Gabrielsen, Project Director
Jan-Mathieu Carbon, Postdoctoral Fellow (2015–2016)
Annelies Cazemier, Postdoctoral Fellow (2011–2014)
Mario C. D. Paganini, Postdoctoral Fellow (2012–2016)
Stella Skaltsa, Postdoctoral Fellow (2011–2016)
Kasper Grønlund Evers, PhD Scholar (2012–2016)
Christian A. Thomsen, PhD Scholar (2010–2013)
Marcel L. Lech, Postdoctoral Fellow (2011/2)