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Author: Vincent Gabrielsen

CAPInv. 1063: Haliastan Hali[adan] Hesteiôn koinon


i. Geographical area Aegean Islands
ii. Region Rhodes
iii. Site Lindos


i. Full name (original language) Ἁλιαστᾶν Ἁλι[αδᾶν] Ἑστείων κοινόν
ii. Full name (transliterated) Haliastan Hali[adan] Hesteiôn koinon


i. Date(s) 88 - 85 BC


ii. Name elements
Personal:The name Hesteios is probably that of the founder of the association. Perhaps he is a relative (the father?) of Timokrates son of Hesteios in I.Lindos II, no. 299 c, l. 35. More secure is, however, the identification of our Hesteios with the commander (archôn) of warships (t[etrer]eis) in I.Lindos II, no. 303, l. 13. See LGPN vol. 1, s.v. (1)-(2).
Theophoric:The two theophoric elements of the name, Haliastai and Haliadai, are from the god Helios, Doric Halios. On the cult of Halios, see D. Morelli, I culti in Rodi. Studi Classici e Orientali 7 (Pisa, 1959), 15-20.
iii. Descriptive terms κοινόν, koinon


i. Source(s) I.Lindos II, no. 292, ll. 5-6
Online Resources I.Lindos II, no. 292
i.a. Source type(s) Epigraphic source(s)
i.b. Document(s) typology & language/script I.Lindos II, no. 292 is a dedicatory inscription in Greek. It mentions the honours awarded to Timachidas son of Hagesitimos by two bodies and ends by listing the dedicators, Timachidas' messmates (syssitoi).
i.c. Physical format(s) Two fragments of Lartian stone, belonging to a cylindrical statue-base.
ii. Source(s) provenance The Acropolis of Lindos.


i. Founder(s) The association was probably founded by Hesteios, whose name forms part of its name.
Gender Male


iv. Honours/Other activities The HaliastanHal[iadan] Hesteiôn koinon had honoured Timachidas son of Hagesitimos with a gold wreath. They are mentioned together with another association, which, too, had honoured Timachidas, the Panathenaistai systrateusamenoi syskanoi koinon.


i. Local interaction Timachidas son of Hagesitimos, the person honoured by our association, is said to have served (strateusamenos) on aphract and kataphract ships. The other association that had honoured him is called Panathenaistai Systrateusamenoi syskanoi koinon. Therefore, the Haliastan Hal[iadan] Hesteiôn koinon can be said to have a connection to the Rhodian navy. The identification of Hesteios, the founder of the association, with the commander (archôn) of warships mentioned in I.Lindos II, no. 303, l. 13, makes the connection to the navy even stronger. Moreover, it is agreed that Timachidas, attested also in a list of prophatai (Suppl. Epig. Rodio no. 5, l. 14), is to be identified with the author of the Lindian Chronicle (I.Lindos II, no. 2, A, l. 12), cf. Blinkenberg's commentary on ibid. no. 292, l. 1, and LGPN vol. 1 s.v. (12). Given the attested activities of Timachidas, we can safely infer that our association was connected to a person who was not only active in the navy but also occupied a central position also in Rhodian cultural and political life.


i. Comments It is worthy of notice that the name of this association comes close to that of the Haliadan kai Haliastan koinon, which is attested in the city of Rhodes. This may be indicative of the popularity among corporate bodies of names with elements deriving from the name of the god Halios.


i. Private association Certain
Note The word κοινόν (koinon) and the elements constituting the name of this body render it certain that it was a private association.