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Last Updated on 27 Feb 2017

Author: Damiana Baldassarra

CAPInv. 1076: U-WGR-007


i. Geographical area Western Greece with the Ionian Islands
ii. Region Akarnania
iii. Site Thyrreion


i. Association with unknown name U-WGR-007


i. Date(s) s. ii BC


i. Source(s) IG IX 12 2, 252 (II BC)
Online Resources IG IX 12 2, 252
i.a. Source type(s) Epigraphic source(s)
i.b. Document(s) typology & language/script Greek dedication
i.c. Physical format(s) Upper part of a white limestone stele; ll. 2-6 rasura; ll. 8-9 coronis (paragraphus); vacat between ll. 3-4, 4-5 (1, 5 cm).
ii. Source(s) provenance Saw and copied by P. Frazer (ante 1957) in the house of L. Tsanakas at Agios Vasilios (now in the Museum of Thyrion, inv. nr. 180); squeeze and photo at the Archive of Inscriptiones Graecae, Berlin-Brandenburgische Akademie der Wissenschaften.


ii. Leadership [ἀρχε]ραν[ιστάς], archeranistas (president of an eranos): his proper name is not preserved nor it is possible to supply it.
iv. Officials Officials are collectively called οἱ συνεόν[τες] syneontes ('those who are associated with') (IG IX 12 2, 252, l. 3): they are the other members of the group who take part to the meal and dedicate the sacrifice to Aphrodite and the polis
v. Other staff Sacrifice personnel: διάκονος, diakonos (ministry at sacred service) (Ibid., l. 13); μάγειρος, mageiros (cook) (Ibid., l. 15)


i. Number 8 officials (ἀρχερανιστάς, archeranistas and οἱ συνεόντες, syneontes)
ii. Gender Men
Note The attested names are meale names.
iii. Age Adults
iv. Status Φίλλυρος Πειράου (l. 11) and Φατνιάδας Πειράου (l. 12) are probably brothers.


iii. Worship Dedication; sacrifice; mention of sacrifice personnel.
Deities worshipped Aphrodite


i. Comments [ἀρχε]ραν[ιστάς], archeranistas (president of an eranos) is a conjecture by G. Klaffenbach.
The existence of a private association of eranistai at Thyrreion seems to be further supported by the existence of another still unpublished inscription, an ownership inscription that mentions an association of eranistai: see CAPInv 1107.
iii. Bibliography Baldassarra D. (2010), 'Le liste cultuali della Grecia nord-occidentale: tipologie, protagonisti e fenomenologia rituale', in C. Antonetti (eds.), Lo spazio ionico e le comunità della Grecia nord-occidentale. Territorio, società, istituzioni, Pisa: 355; 362-364; 368-369.


i. Private association Probable
Note The reading of the text depends on the restoration of l. 1, conjectured by G. Klaffenbach. The restoration [ἀρχε]ραν[ιστάς], archeranistas (president of an eranos) suggests that οἱ συνεόντες syneontes were the other officials of a private association led by him.