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Last Updated on 27 Feb 2017

Author: Damiana Baldassarra

CAPInv. 1115: U-WGR-006


i. Geographical area Western Greece with the Ionian Islands
ii. Region Kerkyra
iii. Site Kerkyra


i. Association with unknown name U-WGR-006


i. Date(s) 350 - 300 BC


i. Source(s) IG IX 12 4, 801 (350-300 BC)
Note Other editions: IG IX 1, 976; SGDI III 1, 3212. See also: CIG II, Addenda 1849c
Online Resources IG IX 1, 976
i.a. Source type(s) Epigraphic source(s)
i.b. Document(s) typology & language/script Greek dedication (?) with mention of sacrifice personnel.
i.c. Physical format(s) Lower part of a limestone pillar.
ii. Source(s) provenance Found in Corfu before 1850; saw and copied by G. Klaffenbach (1934) and D. Strauch (1995); now in the Museum of Kerkyra (inv. nr. 8); squeeze and photo (Klaffenbach) at the Archive of Inscriptiones Graecae, Berlin-Brandenburgische Akademie der Wissenschaften.


iii. Members List of 6 (at least) politai (magistrates? member of an association?).
iv. Officials Sacrifice personnel: μάγιρος, l. μάγειρος, mageiros (cook) (IG IX 12 4, 801, l. 7); ὑπηρέτας, l. ὑπηρέτης hyperetes (attendant) (Ibid., l. 8); ἄοζος, aozos (attendant ?) (Ibid., l. 9); οἰνοχόος, oinochoos (cup bearer) (Ibid., l. 10).


ii. Gender Men
Note The attested members are men.
iii. Age Adults


i. Comments It is possible that the dedicants are magistrates. That is suggested by the presence of οἰνοχόος, oinochoos (cup bearer), who usually takes part in the public sacrifices: see one inscription (now lost) from Thyrreion, IG IX I2 2, 247, and two inscriptions from Ambracia: Baldassarra 2010: 344-346, T1-T2. However οἰνοχόος, oinochoos (cup bearer), is mentioned also in a dedication to Artemis offered by the members of a religious assiciation at Palairos: see CAPInv 1106.
ii. Poland concordance Poland B 56
iii. Bibliography Baldassarra D. (2010), 'Le liste cultuali della Grecia nord-occidentale: tipologie, protagonisti e fenomenologia rituale', in C. Antonetti (eds.), Lo spazio ionico e le comunità della Grecia nord-occidentale. Territorio, società, istituzioni, Pisa: 354-355; 361-362; 368-368;
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i. Private association Possible
Note Due to the lack of further information on the group, firmer conclusions on its nature cannot be reached.