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Author: Stella Skaltsa

CAPInv. 1175: phortegion tou emporiou


i. Geographical area Western Asia Minor
ii. Region Troas
iii. Site Alexandria Troas


i. Full name (original language) φορτήγιον τοῦ ἐμπορίου (I.Alexandreia Troas 151 ll. 2-3; I.Alexandreia Troas 152 l. 2)
ii. Full name (transliterated) phortegion tou emporiou


i. Date(s) ii - iii AD


ii. Name elements
Professional:phortegion tou emporiou: the term phortegion is closely connected to the word phortegos, porters for loading and uploading the cargo from ships.
According to Bean (1973: 398) 'it should denote both primarily the hall in which they society met, then the society itself'.


i. Source(s) I.Alexandreia Troas 151 (iii AD)
I.Alexandreia Troas 152 (ii/iii AD)
Note For IAlexandreia Troas 151 see also:
Edd. pr.
CIG 3592

Bean 1973: 397 no. 10

Dittmann-Schöne 2010: no. I.4.1.2

For IAlexandreia Troas 152 see also:
Dittmann-Schöne 2010: no. I.4.1.3
Online Resources IMT SuedlTroas 462

AGRW 5827

IMT SuedlTroas 447

AGRW 5831
i.a. Source type(s) Epigraphic source(s)
i.b. Document(s) typology & language/script I.Alexandria Troas 151" Funerary inscription in Greek containing stipulations against the violation of the funerary monument.
The phortegion to epi tou limenos was the recipient of fines for the desecration of the tomb.
i.c. Physical format(s) I.Alexandria Troas 151: Granite sarcophagus. Inscription in the lower half of the tabula ansata.
I.Alexandria Troas 152: two fragments of marble sarcophagus-side.
ii. Source(s) provenance I.Alexandria Troas 151 was seen in Marmat by Bean (1973: 397).

I.Alexandria Troas 152: found in Uluköy (formerly Kestanbol) cemetery.


iii. Income Fines: a fine of 2500 denarii was to be paid in case of violation of the tomb to the association (I.Alexandria Troas 151 l. 4; I.Alexandria Troas 152 l. 3).
iv. Endowments The deceased in I.Alexandria Troas 152 established a fund (κατέλειψα λεγᾶτα, kateleipsa legata l. 3) for decking the tomb with roses during an annual banquet (δεῖπνον, deipnon l. 4). It seems that the celebration of the Rosalia is implied by the verb rodizosin.


iii. Bibliography Bean, G.E. (1973), 'New Inscriptions', in J.M. Cook, The Troad. An archaeological and topographical study. Oxford: 395-418.
Dittmann-Schöne, I. (2010), Die Berufsvereine in den Städten des kaiserzeitlichen Kleinasiens. Regensburg.


i. Private association Certain
Note The terminology used (phortegion) makes it certain that we have here a private professional association.The durability of the group is inferred by the fact that they are the recipients of fines in case of the violation of tombs.