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Author: Alexandru Avram

CAPInv. 1201: U-THR-034


i. Geographical area Thrace
ii. Region Euxine Coast
iii. Site Tomis


i. Association with unknown name U-THR-034


i. Date(s) ii - e. iii AD


i. Source(s) I.Tomis 83 (AD 198-201)
I.Tomis 119 (ii AD)
Note See also: IGRR I 614 (I.Tomis 83); CIL III 763, ILS 4116 (I.Tomis 119)
Online Resources I.Tomis 83 and AGRW ID 14631
I.Tomis 119
i.a. Source type(s) Epigraphic source(s)
i.b. Document(s) typology & language/script I.Tomis 83 is a Greek dedication of the δενδροφόροι, dendrophoroi on behalf of emperor Septimius Severus, his family and the governor of Lower Moesia Ovinius Tertullus (PIR2 O 191) as thanksgiving for a privilege (δωρεά, dorea). The main text is followed by a catalogue of the members of the association distributed on two columns.
I.Tomis 119 is a Latin dedication of an archide[nd]roph(oros) to Attis.
i.c. Physical format(s) I.Tomis 83 (198-201 AD) is a fragmentary marble stele composed by six joining fragments.
I.Tomis 119 (ii AD) is a limestone altar.
ii. Source(s) provenance Tomis


ii. Leadership Perhaps Nana Theadonos μήτηρ δενδροφόρων, meter dendrophoron (I.Tomis 83, col. B, ll. 13-14).
iii. Members Probably referred to as δενδροφόροι, dendrophoroi (I.Tomis 83, col. B, ll. 13-14).
iv. Officials One ἱερεύς, hiereus (I.Tomis 83, col. A, l. 15).
One πατήρ, pater (I.Tomis 83, col. A, l. 16).
Three ἀρχιδενδροφόροι, archidendrophoroi (I.Tomis 83, col. A, ll. 17 and 18; I.Tomis 119).
One ἀρχιραβδουχῖσα, archirabdouchisa (I.Tomis 83, col. B, ll. 15-7).


iv. Endowments A privilege (δωρεά, dorea) awarded by the emperor (or his governor) is mentioned in I.Tomis 83, l. 12.


i. Number More than 37, as the names of 37 members are preserved.
ii. Gender Men
Note The association includes men and at least two women: Nana Theadonos, who might have been the leader of the association (μήτηρ δενδροφόρων, meter dendrophoron, I.Tomis 83, col. B, ll. 13-14), and P. Ailia Olymp[ia], who was a ἀρχιραβδουχῖσα, archirabdouchisa (col. B, ll. 15-7).
iii. Age Adults


iii. Worship I.Tomis 119 is a dedication to Attis: worship by the group can be supposed.
Deities worshipped Attis
iv. Honours/Other activities Honours to the imperial house and the governor of Lower Moesia (I.Tomis 83).


ii. Poland concordance Poland B 105 (I.Tomis 83)
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i. Private association Certain
Note The terminology employed and the character of the officials point to a private association.