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Last Updated on 23 May 2019

Author: Sofia Kravaritou

CAPInv. 1241: U-CGR-008


i. Geographical area Central Greece
ii. Region Thessaly. Magnesia.
iii. Site Ancient Demetrias


i. Association with unknown name U-CGR-008


i. Date(s) Imp.


ii. Name elements
Cultic:According to Poland, IG IX.2 1129 referring to heroes, heroissai and ktistai relates to a group of heroistai (Poland B *50A).
Theophoric:The inscription has been also related to the third century cult of the archegetai and ktistai bestowed upon royal and heroic recipients in Demetrias (Leschorn 1984: 258-62; Marzolff 1987: 36-46); however, the text in question is out of date regarding the practice and the character of this cult, while also the monument bearing the inscription belongs to the private sphere (Kravaritou 2013: 257).


i. Source(s) IG IX.2 1129 ( Imp.)
Note See also:
Reinach 1889: 111
SEG 47: 723
Leschorn 1984: 264
Heinz 1998: 442, cat. no. A 139
Kravaritou 2013: 257
Online Resources IG IX.2 1129
i.a. Source type(s) Epigraphic source(s)
i.b. Document(s) typology & language/script IG IX.2 1129 is a funerary inscription in Greek in possessive genitive (B, heroon, heroisson, ktiston). The number XII is also inscribed in latin (not mentioned in the IG).
i.c. Physical format(s) Funerary monument in the shape of a cylindrical urn (kalpis) of limestone, with cover. The body bears the inscription and is decorated with three figures of snakes and three horse heads (IG IX.2 1129).
ii. Source(s) provenance The kalpis was located by Reinach in Volos (region of Ancient Demetrias), in the private collection of M. Robert, Consul of France (Reinach 1889: 111). Now in the Museum of Volos, Inv. no. E 663.


i. Founder(s) The inscription makes a general reference to heroes, heroines and founders (ktistai), perhaps the heroised founders.
Gender Male Female


iii. Worship Act of heroization of founders (?)


ii. Poland concordance Poland B *50A
iii. Bibliography Kravaritou, S. (2013), ‘Thessalian Perceptions of Ruler Cult: ‘archegetai and ktistai’ from Demetrias’, in P. Martzavou and N. Papazarkadas (eds.), Epigraphical Approaches to the Post-Classical Polis. Fourth Century BC to Second Century AD, Oxford: 255-75.
Leschorn, W. (1984), Gründer der Stadt, Paligenesia 20. Stuttgart.
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Reinach, S. (1889), ‘Chronique d'Orient’, RA 14: 81-143.


i. Private association Probable
Note The heroes, heroines and ktistai of the inscription may have been the heroised founders or descendants of a group of heroistai; however, the context remains uncertain.