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Last Updated on 12 Jun 2019

Author: Stella Skaltsa

CAPInv. 153: [koinon] Dioskou[riastan]


i. Geographical area Aegean Islands
ii. Region Telos
iii. Site Telos


i. Full name (original language) [κοινὸν] Διοσκου[ριαστᾶν] (IdI 46, ll. 10-11)
ii. Full name (transliterated) [koinon] Dioskou[riastan]


i. Date(s) i (?) BC - i (?) AD


ii. Name elements
Theophoric:Dioskouriastai: Dioskouroi
Note The term koinon is fully restored in line 11.


i. Source(s) IdI 46, ll. 10-11 (i BC/i AD?)
Note Stavrianopoulou (1997: 95) dates the inscription in the Imperial period.
i.a. Source type(s) Epigraphic source(s)
i.b. Document(s) typology & language/script Honorary inscription in Greek for Epaphroditos son of Epaphroditos Karpathiopolitas by the georgeuntes kai katoikeuntes en Teloi . The dedication is addressed to [Athena] and Zeus Polieus, the patron gods of Telos.
i.c. Physical format(s) Round base moulded on top and bottom. H. 63 cm
ii. Source(s) provenance Built into the south wall of the modern cemetery in Telos.


iv. Honours/Other activities The Dioskouriastai honoured Epaphroditos (note however that the participle τιμαθέντα is fully restored in the text).

He was also crowned (the participle στεφανωθέντα is fully restored) by the boule (l. 9). The inscribed base was set up by τοὶ γεωργεῦντες καὶ κατοικεῦντες ἐν Τήλωι, toi georgeuntes kai katoikeuntes en Teloi (ll. 1-2).


i. Local interaction Besides the honours bestowen on Epaphroditos by the Dioskouriastai, he was granted honours by the following bodies:
- he was crowned (the participle στεφανωθέντα is fully restored) by the boule (l. 9) (the boule probably stands for the boule of the Rhodian state, see Peek 1969: 23).
- he was honoured by the georgeuntes kai katoikeuntes en Teloi (ll. 1-2), who set up the inscribed monument (statue base?) in his honour.


i. Comments Although the inscription was found in Telos, the Dioskouriastai could have been based anywhere else within the Rhodian state. The Dioskouriastai are listed among the bodies that honoured Epaphroditos, son of Epaphroditos, a Karpathiopolitas. The georgeuntes kai katoikeuntes en Teloi is the body setting up the inscribed monument in Telos in honour of a non-Telian, yet citizen of the Rhodian state (Epaphroditos was from Karpathos).
iii. Bibliography Peek, W. (1969), Inschriften von den dorischen Inseln. Berlin.
Stavrianopoulou, E. (1997), 'Die Prosopographie von Telos', Tekmeria 3: 79-151.


i. Private association Certain
Note The theophoric name terminating in -istai is indicative of a private association. It should be noted, however, that besides the name and the honours bestowed upon Epaphroditos, Karpathiopolitas, nothing else is known about this association (i.e. internal structure etc.).