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Author: Vincent Gabrielsen

CAPInv. 1613: Asklapiastai hoi en Kamiroi


i. Geographical area Aegean Islands
ii. Region Rhodes
iii. Site Kamiros


i. Full name (original language) Ἀσκλαπιασταί οἱ ἐν Καμίρωι (Tit.Cam. 84, l. 10)
ii. Full name (transliterated) Asklapiastai hoi en Kamiroi


i. Date(s) a. 167 BC


ii. Name elements
Theophoric:From the god Asklepios (Doric Asklapios), whose cult is richly attested in Kamiros and the capital city of Rhodos, where the god's temenos was to be found: Suppl.Epig.Rh. I, 1, with Diod. 19.45.4 (Asklepieion, in the context of 305-304 BC). The festival of Asklapieia is attested by NS 19a, l. 9 (c. 200 BC).
Topographical:The element οἱ ἐν Καμίρωι, hoi en Kamiroi (those in Kamiros) indicates the place where the association was based, here one of the three old cities of Rhodes. It is paralleled by several other instances (e.g. Κουραισταί οἱν ἐν Κυτήλωι, Kouraistai hoi en Kyteloi, Tit.Cam. 84, l. 16). One of the purposes it served was was to distinguish between associations with the same core element (e.g. Asklapiastai) in their name.


i. Source(s) Tit.Cam. 84, l. 10.
Online Resources Tit.Cam. 84.
i.a. Source type(s) Epigraphic source(s)


iii. Members The association of Asklapiastai hoi en Kamiroi is one among several bodies which honour a Kamiran, Aristombrotidas Aristombrotida. He may or may not have been a member.


iv. Status Aristombrotidas Aristombrotida, who is honoured by the association, is known as a very prominent person in the public and religious life of Kamiros (LGPN I, s.v. no. 12). However, his membership of the association, even though possible, cannot be ascertained.


iii. Worship The theophoric element of the association's name indicates that the membership was devoted to the worship of Asklepios.
Deities worshipped Asklepios
iv. Honours/Other activities The association honoured with a gold wreath Aristombrotidas Aristombrotida, who had served as priest of Athana Polias and Zeus Polieus and had held the office of damiourgos in Kamiros.


i. Local interaction The association interacted locally in two ways:
(i) by awarding honours to a high-standing person in Kamiros, the priest of Athana Polias and Zeus Polieus and the holder of the office of damiourgos;
and (ii) by doing so jointly with (a) the family of the person honoured, (b) the citizens of Kamiros, and (c) four other private bodies: the Ἑρμαισταί οἱ ἐν Καμίρωι (Hermaistai hoi en Kamiroi), the Σαραπιασταί οἱ ἐν Καμίρωι (Sarapiastai hoi en Kamiroi), the Κουραισταί οἱ ἐν Κυτήλωι (Kouriastai hoi en Kyteloi), and the Τρίκτοινοι οἱ ἐν Λέλωι (Triktoinoi hoi en Leloi)


i. Private association Certain
Note The theophoric element in the association's name renders it certain that it was a private body.