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Author: Vincent Gabrielsen

CAPInv. 1617: Triktoinoi toi en Leloi


i. Geographical area Aegean Islands
ii. Region Rhodes
iii. Site Kamiros


i. Full name (original language) Τρίκτοινοι τοί ἐν Λέλωι
ii. Full name (transliterated) Triktoinoi toi en Leloi


i. Date(s) a. 167 BC


ii. Name elements
Topographical:The element ἐν Λέλωι, en Leloi (those in Lelos) indicates the place where the association was based. It is paralleled by several other instances (e.g. Κουραισταὶ τοὶ ἐν Κυτήλωι, Kouraistai toi en Kyteloi, Tit.Cam. 84, l. 16). One of the purposes it served was to distinguish between associations with the same core element (e.g. Asklapiastai) in their name. Lelos (with its territory) was a deme of Kamiros: I. Papachristodoulou, Oi archaioi rhodiakoi demoi. Istorike episkopese -- I Ialysia (Athens, 1989), 68. Its members carried the demotic Lelios: Tit.Cam. 3 Δc, l. 55. Here, triktoinoi probably has the meaning 'of the three ktoinai, that is, the members of the group concerned were also members of three ktoinai.
Other:Triktoinoi most likely derives from ktoina (plural ktoinai), a unit in the political organization of the Rhodian state; it was a territorial unit smaller than a deme: see Tit.Cam. 109, with M. Guarducci, 'Note di antichità rodie, I: Le ktoinai; II: Le synnomai', Historia (Milan/Rome) 9 (1935) 420-35; A. Momigliano, 'Note nella storia di Rodi', RIFIC n.s. 14 (1936) 57-60.


i. Source(s) Tit.Cm. 84, l. 18.
Online Resources Tit.Cam. 84
i.a. Source type(s) Epigraphic source(s)
i.b. Document(s) typology & language/script Honorary-dedicatory. Greek.
i.c. Physical format(s) Statue base of Lartian marble placed on another rectangular slab.
ii. Source(s) provenance Kamiros


iii. Members Aristombrotidas Aristombrotida, who is honoured by the association, is known as a very prominent person in the public and religious life of Kamiros (LGPN I, s.v. no. 12). However, his membership of the association, even though possible, cannot be ascertained.


iv. Honours/Other activities The association honoured Aristombrotidas Aristombrotida with a gold wreath.


i. Local interaction The association interacted locally in two ways:

(1) By awarding honours to Aristombrotidas, a high-standing person in Kamiros: the priest of Athana Polias and Zeus Polieus and holder of the office of damiourgos (LGPN I s.v. no. 12); probably, Aristombrotidas had also served as 'Superintendent of the Foreigners' (ἐπιμελητὴς τῶν ξένων, epimeletes ton xenon): IG XII 1, 49, l. 51.

(2) By honouring Aristombrotidas jointly with (i) members of his family, (ii) the citizens of Kamiros, and (iii) four other private bodies: the Ἀσκλαπιασταί τοί ἐν Καμίρωι (Asklapiastai toi en Kamiroi), the Ἑρμαισταὶ τοί ἐν Καμίρωι (Hermaistai toi en Kamiroi), the Σαραπιασταὶ τοί ἐν Καμίρωι (Sarapiastai toi en Kamiroi) and the Κουραισταὶ τοί ἐν Κυτήλωι (Kouraistai to en Kyteloi).


i. Private association Certain
Note Even though an element of the name of this association is linked to the name of a unit in the political organization of Rhodes (the ktoina), the form Triktoinoi does not have any connection to the constitutionally defined subdivisions of citizens. The specification 'those in Lelos', by implying the existence of triktoinoi based elsewhere, makes it certain that this was a private association.