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Last Updated on 14 Jan 2019

Author: Cassandre Hartenstein

CAPInv. 1687: U-EGY-052


i. Geographical area Egypt
ii. Nome Memphites (L01)
iii. Site Memphis (?)


i. Association with unknown name U-EGY-052


i. Date(s) 391 / 390 BC


i. Source(s) De Cenival 1988 = P. Bibl. Nationale E 241 (month of Epeiph of year 3 of Akoris= 20 September-19 October 391 BC).
Note The papyrus contains two texts. The editor thinks that Text A was written one year before Text B.
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i.a. Source type(s) Papyrological source(s)
i.b. Document(s) typology & language/script The Demotic papyrus contains the most ancient rules of an Egyptian association (Text A) and a list of engagements (Text B) taken by either the chief of the association or his representative (the beginning of the lines are missing, that is why we do not know who is the individual speaking in the first person). Text B is unusual: it seems to be the only part of Demotic rules of an association where somebody commits himself regarding the association.
i.c. Physical format(s) Papyrus (30 x 23 cm).
ii. Source(s) provenance The papyrus could come from Memphis and was possibly written in the same place.


viii. Obligations Text B seems to refer to obligations that a member (we do not know if it is a regular member or a leader) have to respect. Each member would have to pay a monthly fee and to come to the funerals of the child of others members. In the text A, the members have an obligation to accomplish if the son of one them dies (l. 12) or if someone is involved in a royal trial (l. 16).


ii. Meetings and events The association seems to go to the necropolis, maybe to perform rituals (Text A, l. 5: mtw⸗n šmy tȝ ḫȝs.t "We will go to the necropolis").


iii. Bibliography De Cenival, Fr. (1988), "Papyrus Seymour de Ricci: le plus ancien règlement d'association religieuse (4ème siècle av. J.-C.)", RdE 39: 39-46.


i. Private association Certain
Note The contents of the texts refers indisputably to rules of an association.