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Last Updated on 15 Jan 2019

Author: Cassandre Hartenstein

CAPInv. 1701: U-EGY-056


i. Geographical area Egypt
ii. Nome Arsinoites (00)


i. Association with unknown name U-EGY-056


i. Date(s) 245 BC


i. Source(s) P. Sorb. IV 159 = P. Lille dem. 98 (25 of Epeiph of year 2 of Ptolemy II= 12 September 245 BC)
Online Resources TM 48847
i.a. Source type(s) Papyrological source(s)
i.b. Document(s) typology & language/script This Demotic text is an account of money. It contains two columns on the recto possibly listing the members of an association of men and women and the payments they have given. Four columns on the verso contains names.
i.c. Physical format(s) Papyrus 13 x 16,5 cm.
ii. Source(s) provenance The papyrus was found in Ghoran. It is now located in the Jouguet collection at the Sorbonne (Paris).


ii. Leadership It seems the association had two leaders, one male and one female: both are called mr mšʿ, the "general" (Recto, col. 1, l. 6 and recto, col. 2, l. 5).
iv. Officials The association has several officials: a second (pȝ mḥ-2 recto, col. 1, l. 7), a priest of the god (pȝ ḥm-nṯr nȝ nṯr.w recto, col. 1, l. 8), a superior of Bastet (tȝ wr.t Bȝs.t recto, col. 2, l. 2), a superior of Hormakhet (tȝ wr.t Ḥr-m-ḫe recto, col. 2, l. 3), a reciter of the gods (recto, col. 2, l. 4 tȝ ʿšy n nȝ nṯr.w), a priestess of the gods (tȝ ḥm nṯr nȝ nṯr.w recto, col. 2, l. 6), a nurse of the cat (tȝ mn-ỉrỉ.t tȝ my.t recto, col. 2, l. 7), a superior of Thot (tȝ wr.t Ḏḥwṱ recto, col. 2, l. 8), a reciter of the king Marres (recto, col. 2, l. 9 tȝ ʿšy pr-ʿȝ Mȝʿ-Rʿ), a superior of the female falcon (tȝ wr.t tȝ byk.t recto, col. 2, l. 10).


ii. Gender Men
Note Members are male and female.
vi. Proper names and physical features -Smȝ-tȝ.wy sȝ n Pn-qly sȝ n Pȝ-bw-ỉr-rḫ=f (Semtheus son of Pkglys son of Pebrichis)
-[……….] sȝ n Ỉmn-ỉw (... son of Ameneus)
-[…….. sȝ n] Pn-n-Ỉs.t (... son of Phanesis)
-Dmtryȝ (Demetria)
-Tȝ-šr.t-nȝ-ỉsw (Sen-taises)
-Ḥtp.w (Hetpeus)
-Bȝst.t-ỉ.ỉr-dỉ=s ta Pȝ-dỉ-Ỉn-ḥr (Obestertaios daughter of Petenouris)
-Mr=s-Ḥ.t-Ḥr (Mer-s-hathyris)
-Šp-n-Ỉs.t (Spennesis)
-Nb.t-ʿnḫ ta Ḥr-m-ḥb (Nebetankh daughter of Harmais)
-Tȝ-šr.t-n-tȝ-ỉsw ta Pa-sy (Sen-taises daughter of Pasis)
-Tȝ-by ta Dnỉ.t-Ḫnsw (Tabis daughter of Teionchonsis)
-Tȝ-dỉ-Wsỉr ta Wn-nfr (Tetosiris daughter of Onnophris)
-Tȝ-hb.t ta ta-ḏd-ḥr (Ta-djed-her daughter of Harmais)
-Tȝ-by ta Ḥr-nfr (Tabis daughter of Harnouphis)
-Pa-ḥy (Pais)
-ta-krr ta Pa-sy (Takrouris daughter of Pasis)
-Ỉs.t-wr.t ta Ḥtr (Esoeris daughter of Hatres)


i. Private association Possible
Note The presence in this papyrus of titles found only in other texts dealing with associations, makes it possible that we have here a private association.