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Last Updated on 13 Mar 2017

Author: Maria-Gabriella Parissaki

CAPInv. 1746: U-THR-042


i. Geographical area Thrace
ii. Region Inland Thrace
iii. Site Pautalia


i. Association with unknown name U-THR-042


i. Date(s) s. ii AD


i. Source(s) IGBulg IV 2056 (s. ii AD)
Online Resources IGBulg IV 2056
i.a. Source type(s) Epigraphic source(s)
i.b. Document(s) typology & language/script Catalogue of names in Greek
i.c. Physical format(s) Column of syenite stone; preserved hight 1.50 m.


i. Number Thirty persons named in the catalogue
ii. Gender Men
Note The names are male names.
iii. Age Adults
Note As indicated by the fact that some persons are mentioned as archiereis, hiereis, ekdikoi and syndikoi or that their names are followed by abbreviations that seem to indicate professions.
iv. Status Differing, as indicated by the fact that the persons mentioned in the catalogue are arranged - though with some discrepancies - in two groups. The first group consists of those mentioned with both their personal name and patronymic - among them the archiereis, hiereis, ekdikoi and syndikoi -, the second of those mentioned only with their first name and an abbreviation, usually interpreted as indicating their profession - among them quite probably χαλκεῖς, chalkeis and γναφεῖς, gnapheis.


i. Comments The text preserves the names of thirty persons arranged, as it seems, according to status. Most names are followed by a letter - usually A, B, Γ, A, B, G, or Δ, D, - that seems to indicate the amount of money contributed for some cause; but the cause is not indicated in the text.
iii. Bibliography Sadowsky, W. (1995), Annals. Journal of History, Classical Culture and Art History. Sofia: 3-4 and 39-41.


i. Private association Discarded
Note The editors and commentators of this text have usually interpreted it as a list of members of an association, though always with some reservation. Though quite certainly a list of contributors, nothing in the text permits to ascertain the permanent character of this group.