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Last Updated on 01 Jul 2019

Author: Sofia Kravaritou

CAPInv. 1811: U-CGR-011


i. Geographical area Central Greece
ii. Region Eastern Thessaly. Region of Magnesia.
iii. Site Demetrias


i. Association with unknown name U-CGR-011


i. Date(s) iii BC


i. Source(s) Batziou-Efstathiou forthcoming (iii BC)
i.a. Source type(s) Epigraphic source(s)
i.b. Document(s) typology & language/script Unpublished votive inscription in Greek to the 'Mother of the Gods' (Meter Theon).
ii. Source(s) provenance Demetrias


i. Archaeological remains Excavation in the eastern sector of Demetrias revealed parts of an intramural building with a peristyle court; it was initially interpreted as a house with peristyle court hosting a domestic shrine (Batziou-Efstathiou and Triantafyllopoulou 2000: 301-3), while more recently it has been identified tentatively with a Metroon, the cult seat of the Mother of the Gods/Cybele (Batziou-Efstathiou 2002: 30-2, figs. 33-6; Batziou-Efsthathiou forthcoming).
ii. References to buildings/objects The building delivered a well and drainage pipe dated to the end of the third/beginning of the second century BC and a clay incense burner, while clay figurines of the Mother of the Gods/Cybele, along with those of Aphrodite Epitragia, En(n)odia, Hecate and Zeus Milichios were found in the court.
Figurines of the Mother of the Gods/Cybele are also known from at least two other localities in the northern sector of the city: one has been interpreted as a house with peristyle hosting a domestic shrine, while the other is probably a household cult of Cybele and Demeter (Arvanitopoulos 1916: 121; Triantafyllopoulou 2000; cf. Mili 2015: 206-7; Kravaritou 2016: 139).


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i. Private association Probable
Note The presence of the cult of the Mother of the Gods/Cybele in various loci of Demetrias indicates in every probability the presence of a local cultic association.