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Author: Vincent Gabrielsen

CAPInv. 2108: Paphiastai Seleuk[eioi hoi sy]n Pasikratei


i. Geographical area Aegean Islands
ii. Region Rhodes
iii. Site Rhodos


i. Full name (original language) Παφιασταί Σελεύκ[ειοι οἱ σὺ]ν Πασικράτει (ASAA 22 (1939/40) 165, no. 19, ll. 26-27).
ii. Full name (transliterated) Paphiastai Seleuk[eioi hoi sy]n Pasikratei


i. Date(s) iii BC


ii. Name elements
Personal:Σελεύκειοι, Seleukeioi From the personal name Σέλευκος, Seleukos (LGPN s.v. no. 44). It likely belonged to the founder of the association: see Poland 1909 p. 73-6; Gabrielsen 1997 p. 126-7.

τῶν σὺν Πασικράτει, ton syn Pasikratei. From the personal name Pasikrates. (LGPN s.v. no. 6). Likely the reference is to the leader of the association: see works cited above.
Theophoric:Παφιασταί, Paphiastai. The reference seems to be generally to Cypriot Paphos and, most likely, specifically to the famed sanctuary and cult of Aphrodite in Palaipaphos: see F.-G. Maier, ‘Ausgrabungen in Alt-Paphos. 17. Vorlaüfiger Bericht: Grabüngskampagnien 1991-1995’, AA (1998): 105-132; F.-G. Maier and V. Karagiorghis, Paphos: History and Archaeology. Nicosia 1984.


i. Source(s) ASAA 22 (1939/40) 165, no. 19
Online Resources ASAA 22 (1939/40) 165,19

AGRW no. 15060
i.a. Source type(s) Epigraphic source(s)
i.b. Document(s) typology & language/script Honorific-dedicatory. The inscription lists over 25 bodies (private or public) which had honoured an indivdual (whose name is not preserved) with the award of wreaths (of ivy, twigs or gold).
i.c. Physical format(s) Marble slab of deep blue colour, whose upper part is nor preserved.


i. Founder(s) If, as seems liklely, personal names with the ending -eioi indicate the founder of an association, then one Seleukos was the founder of the present one.
Gender Male
ii. Leadership The formula τῶν σὺ]ν̣ Πασικράτει, ton syn Pasikratei, indicates that one Pasikrates was the leader of the association.


iv. Honours/Other activities The association honoured the person for whom the inscription was erected with the award of a twig wreath and a gold wreath.


i. Local interaction The fact that over 25 bodies (private as well as public) honoured the person of our inscription suggests that he or she was a prominent person in Rhodes. Thus our association interacted with an elite member of Rhodian society, and it did so jointly with a large number of bodies of the same of similar kind.


i. Private association Certain
Note The use of a cultic name element, as well as name elements deriving from personal names, make the private character of the association certain, although a descriptive term (e.g. κοινόν, 'koinon) might be lacking.