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Author: Cassandre Hartenstein

CAPInv. 734: U-EGY-015


i. Geographical area Egypt


i. Association with unknown name U-EGY-015


i. Date(s) 73 AD


iii. Descriptive terms ẖny.t (l. 3).
Note In both editions of this inscription, the word ‘association’ is transliterated sn.t, but this reading was rejected by De Cenival 2006.


i. Source(s) Short Texts 60 (29 Phaophi of year 6 of Vespasian = 26 October AD 73).
Note Ed. pr.: Shore 1972
Online Resources TM 52796
i.a. Source type(s) Epigraphic source(s)
i.b. Document(s) typology & language/script This is a Demotic dedicatory inscription to a bearer (whose name does not appear in the inscription) of Isis the Great of the Island of Paho by two members of an association, and in the name of all members of the same association.
i.c. Physical format(s) The inscription is engraved on a bronze drinking-cup (15,4 cm wide and 6,7 cm high).
ii. Source(s) provenance The provenance is unknown. The location of the Island of Paho cited in the inscription (l. 2, Tȝ-mȝy-n-Pa-ḥr) is unknown (this text contains the first mention of this place).


ii. Leadership One of the two members (Pȝ-nfr-ḥr) named in the inscription is a mr šn. The mr šn is a title which can be linked to either a temple or an association. In an association, the mr šn is an administrator or the president (De Cenival 1972: 154-9). Considering the way the title is mentioned in the inscription, it appears slightly more likely that it refers here to a function within the association, but this remains uncertain.
We do not know why the second person has been distinguished in the dedication from the other members, as he seems to have no title in the association.
iii. Members Referred to as nȝ rmṯ.w (n tȝ) ẖny.t (‘the people (from the) association’, l. 3).


ii. Gender Men
Note Both members named (including an official of the association) are male. We do not know about the others.
iv. Status The cup is dedicated to a bearer of Isis, who is not named in the inscription; he may have been a member.
vi. Proper names and physical features Pȝ-nfr-ḥr sȝ Pa-ḫy (Pnepheros son of Pachois).
Pa-wr sȝ Ḥr-msn (Paueris son of Haremsynis).


iv. Honours/Other activities The inscription was made to honour a priest of Isis, whose name is unknown.


ii. Interaction abroad The association is connected to a priest of Isis of the Island of Paho, who is not named in the inscription and who is the recipient of the cup.


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i. Private association Certain
Note The use of ẖny.t to describe this group proves that it was a private association.