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Author: Sophia Zoumbaki

CAPInv. 780: synodos


i. Geographical area Peloponnese with Adjacent Islands
ii. Region Arcadia
iii. Site Mantinea


i. Full name (original language) σύνοδος (IG V.2 264)
ii. Full name (transliterated) synodos


i. Date(s) ii (?) - i (?) BC


iii. Descriptive terms σύνοδος, synodos
Note synodos: IG V.2 264 ll. 8, 14


i. Source(s) IG V.2 264 (inc.)
Note See also IPArk 10
Online Resources IG V.2 264
IPArk 10
i.a. Source type(s) Epigraphic source(s)
i.b. Document(s) typology & language/script A fragmentary Greek decree.
i.c. Physical format(s) A fragment of a marble plaque, which preserves its lower end intact.
ii. Source(s) provenance Mantinea, in a garden near the northern part of the city-walls.


vi. Laws and rules The text is extremely fragmentary and although it is obvious that it refers to certain regulations and a νόμος nomos (ll. 9, 16, 19), it is very difficult to restore its content. The expressions [ἀποτει]σάτω τᾶι συνόδ[ωι] (l. 8, [apotei]sato tai (l. tei) synod[oi]) and [κατ]ὰ τὸν νόμον δρ̣[αχμάς] (l. 9, [kat]a ton nomon dr[achmas]) indicates perhaps that it deals with fines. In l. 15 the IG editor restores the text as [αὗται αἱ δίκαι πρ]όδικοι ἔστωσα[ν], ([hautai hai dikai pr]odikoi estosa[n]) whilst the IPArk editors restore [ὑπ]όδικοι ἔστωσα[ν] ([hy]podikoi estosa[n]), as they state that δίκαι πρόδικοι, dikai prodikoi, are attested in honorary decrees or state treaties. Further, they interpret this line of the text as a regulation that certain functionaries of the association are to be regarded as responsible in case that fines are not imposed.


i. Comments L. 12 is read in IG as [- - -]ΚΥΝΕ․ον τε[- - -] ([- - -]KYNE․on te[- - -]), which led Ziebarth 1896: 64 no. 17 and Poland 1909: 105 and B 23 to suggest that it refers to an association of hunters ("Jägergenossenschaft"). IPArk editors, Thür and Taeuber, are inclined to restore the problematic line as --<σ>υνέ[χ]οντε[ς ?--] (--<s>yne[ch]onte[s ?--], "...die zusammenhalten (oder -hängen)").
ii. Poland concordance Poland B 23
iii. Bibliography Ziebarth, E. (1896), Das griechische Vereinswesen. Leipzig.
Poland, F. (1909), Geschichte des griechische Vereinswesens. Leipzig.


i. Private association Probable
Note Despite the fragmentary state of the document, it is obvious that it is dealing with an organized association. It is however not possible to answer the question concerning its private nature.