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Author: Benedikt Eckhardt

CAPInv. GR-35: hai synodo[i]


i. Geographical area Western Asia Minor
ii. Region Phrygia
iii. Site Hierapolis


i.a. Full reference (original language) αἱ σύνοδο[ι] (Altertümer von Hierapolis 32, l. 6)
i.b. Full reference (transliterated) hai synodo[i]
ii. Reference context The synodoi are mentioned alongside other, official institutions: [boule], [de]mos, gerousia, synedrion ton Rhomaion, neoi. All these institutions have repeatedly honoured a Roman citizen.


i. Date(s) iii AD


i. Descriptive terms σύνοδοι, synodoi
Note synodoi: Altertümer von Hierapolis 36, l. 6


i. Source(s) Altertümer von Hierapolis 32 (iii AD)
Online Resources Altertümer von Hierapolis 32
i.a. Source type(s) Epigraphic source(s)
i.b. Document(s) typology & language/script Honorific decree
ii. Source(s) provenance The "Hall" near the theatre of Hierapolis


i. Comments If Ritti is correct in restoring [ἡ νεωκόρος βουλή], [he neokoros boule] in l. 1 (instead of Judeich's [ἡ λαμπροτάτη βουλή], [he lamprotate boule]; cf. Altertümer von Hierapolis 34), the inscription should be dated no earlier than 214-217 CE, because that is presumably the time when Hierapolis received the neokoria.

The term synodos is applied only to the Dionysiac artists in Hierapolis. It is therefore unlikely that hai synodoi refers to the city's many professional associations (ergasiai).
ii. Poland concordance Poland Δ *49C
iii. Bibliography Ritti, T. (2003), ‘La neocoria di Hierapolis di Frigia’, in Epigraphica. Atti delle Giornate di Studio di Roma e di Atene in memoria di Margherita Guarducci (1902-1999), Rome: 177-215.


i. Private associations Possible
Note If the synodoi were regarded as private associations, they would be the only exception in a list of public institutions. This possibility cannot be excluded (it would fit the general trend of the late 2nd/early 3rd century CE), but one might also see the inscription as evidence for the public nature of the synodoi.
ii. Historical authenticity Certain